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The third edition of Seminaked Party by Desigual takes place on Thursday at AFI Cotroceni

AFI Cotroceni will host on Thursday the third edition of Seminaked Party by Desigual event. At the party, the first 100 visitors of Desigual store in AFI Cotroceni will go home with complete outfits if they cross the store’s threshold only in lingerie.

This event, now at its third edition, sends the message that made him famous: "Enter half-naked and leave all dressed". Desigual store opens at 8:00 am and, from that moment, the first 100 visitors lightly dressed will have one hour to choose the right clothes for them.

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AFI Mall Run, the first charity cross from a commercial center

On June 26th will take place AFI Mall Run, the first charity cross organized in a commercial center. The event will start at 08:00 pm and aims to raise funds for Radu Sapartoc, a 9 year old boy diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

The event is part of “Run on your birthday” campaign of the multiple European, World and Olympic medallist Ana-Maria Branza and will be held on a 2-3 kilometres trail in AFI Cotroceni.

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AFI Cotroceni will host the fifth edition of Pellegrini Trophy at fencing

AFI Cotroceni will be the venue where the Pellegrini Trophy fencing competition will take place. The competition reaches its fifth edition and includes senior, female and male foil contests.

The competition’s finals will take place in the ice rink area of AFI Cotroceni starting with 05:00 pm. Then, the winners’ award ceremony will be held by present and former Romanian performers of fencing.

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Sales Of AFI Cotroceni Retailers Up 8% On Year In 2015

Shopping mall AFI Cotroceni in Bucharest, the most important asset of AFI Europe Romania, had a net operating income of nearly EUR31 million in 2015, up 3% on the year, while retailers’ sales, excluding hypermarket sales, rose 8% on the year in 2015.

The company said in a statement that AFI Cotroceni had a net operating income of nearly EUR8 million in the fourth quarter of 2015, and of nearly EUR31 million in 2015, over 3% higher than in the previous year.

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AFI Europe Posts EUR28.7M Income From AFI Cotroceni In 2013

Real estate developer AFI Europe Wednesday reported net operating income of EUR28.7 million in 2013 from AFI Cotroceni mall in Bucharest, up 6.5% on the year, while tenants’ sales rose 4.3% (in euro terms) to EUR204.4 million, according to company data.

In 2012, the sales of AFI Cotroceni's retailers rose 14% in Romanian lei (9% in euro terms) to EUR196 million.

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AFI Cotroceni Retailers' Sales Exceed EUR200M In 2013

The sales of retailers hosted by AFI Cotroceni shopping mall rose last year at the same pace as the retail market, namely between 5% and 6%, Israel Vizel, manager mall division AFI Europe, told Mediafax.

Thus, according to Mediafax calculations, the sales of retailers hosted by the shopping mall exceeded EUR200 million in 2013.

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