AFI Europe provides a safe environment for tenants and visitors by installing a new performant air purification system in all projects

Bucharest, 8th April 2021:

AFI Europe, the leading real estate development, management and investment company operating in Central and Eastern Europe, continues to keep its firm commitment to protect the safety of the tenants, clients, visitors and business partners entering any of AFI’s Offices and Shopping Centres,

The company is among the first one to implement a new high-performant air purification system through NPBI- Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionization in Romania..

“Quality and safety have always been top priorities for us and we reflected them in the products and services provided for our tenants. We maintain our comitment to offer safe, secured and modern spaces for our tenants, visitors and  our business partners.

Thus, we took the decision to invest  in a new modern Ozone free air purification system that improvesthe air quality and protect against viruses and bacterias, in all public  areas, including elevators.” declared Doron Klein, CEO AFI Europe Romania & Czech Republic.

The new air purification system – Global Plasma Solution (GPS) – will substantially improve the indoor air quality, in all public areas, including elevators, through its NPBI technology, a patented technology that demonstrates  high efficiency in air purification. During the NPBI process, contact with ions disrupts pathogens’ surface proteins, rendering them inactive and unable to replicate.

The GPS systems succesfully completed official lab testing, proving high effectiveness against COVID-19 virus. Moreover, results confirm 99.8% efficiency in neutralizing the COVID-19 virus within 30 minutes to the protected area and similar values to other type of viruses (E-coli 99.7%; Norovirus 94% etc.).

The system is environmentally friendly, certified by UL2998 as Ozone Free System, and requires minimal maintenance, also helping to improve productivity and general well-being.