AFI Mall Run, the first charity cross from a commercial center

Press release, June 20th, 2014 – On June 26th will take place AFI Mall Run, the first charity cross organized in a commercial center. The event will start at 08:00 pm and aims to raise funds for Radu Sapartoc, a 9 year old boy diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

The event is part of “Run on your birthday” campaign of the multiple European, World and Olympic medallist Ana-Maria Branza and will be held on a 2-3 kilometres trail in AFI  Cotroceni.

Start and finish will take place at the entrance of Galaxy magazine and all the raised money will be used for Radu’s treatment in a clinic in Germany.

The campaign has the support of famous athletes like Leonard Doroftei, Camelia Potec, Sandra Izbasa, Alina Dumitru, Mihai Leu or Mihai Covaliu, who joined their colleague Ana-Maria Branza in her fight to save Radu’s life.

Radu Hristu, who fights to save his 9 year old boy, is celebrated in June. The campaign also enjoys the support of Intact Group and Mereu Aproape Foundations, whose “I want to help” campaign took into consideration Radu’s case.

Radu Sapartoc was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, which affected several organs, but he can be treated. The only treatment available for his illness is available abroad and costs 50,000 euros.

Bob can be supported in several ways, such as:

By participating in the charity cross on June 26th and by donating a sum of money;

Through donations in the boxes located near the ice rink and at the Far and Sfera entries of AFI Cotroceni, opened daily, starting with June 20th;

Through bank transfer in Lei,  Euros  or USD in the accounts of Sapartoc family:

RO 77 BTRL EUR CRT 025 442 74 01

RO 30 BTRL RON CRT 025 442 74 01

RO 81 BTRL USD CRT 025 442 74 01

Through bank transfer in the accounts of Mereu Aproape Foundation – mentioning ”Radu Sapartoc”:

Lei: RO 05 BRDE 450 SV 0729 533 4500, opened at BRD GSG SMCC

Euro: RO 31 BRDE 450 SV 2376 153 4500 opened at BRD GSG SMCC, SWIFT BRDEROBU

Through SMS at 8848 on June 26th, 2014;

Through Romtelecom, on June 26th, 2014, by dialling:

0 900 900 301- 10 euro/call
0 900 900 303 – 3 euro/call
0 900 900 305 – 5 euro/call

Through PayPal, accessing the button/link from the homepage, mentioning Radu’s name.

To find out more information about Radu’s case access, or the official Facebook page of AFI Cotroceni.