AFI Park partners with TEDxBucharest for the 2nd edition of TEDxBucharestSalon

Bucharest, 12.10.2015:

AFI Park Offices is the main partner of TEDxBucharestSalon – Interconnected Innovation, a conference organized on the 15th of October, in AFI Cotroceni, by the team responsible for the TEDxBucharest’ series of conferences. The event will present an evening of projections with speeches sustained at the TED & TEDx conferences and will include an exclusive debate and a networking experience with representatives of the companies located in AFI Park – Electronic Arts, Endava Romania, and Microchip Technology Romania.

“AFI Park became a hub for IT&C companies and is very appreciated by multinationals that have grown their businesses in Romania together with us. This event gives AFI Park the chance to show its support for the industry, for forward thinking and innovative and to be part of the conference proposed by TEDxBucharest”, said David Hay, CEO AFI Europe Romania.

The event is a new concept of the TEDxBucharest and TED team, different from the live conference from this fall, and will present projections of inspirational speeches, from selected TED & TEDx talks, about the power of innovation, gathered into two screenings of 75 minutes. The estimated 400 participants will get de opportunity to meet and interact directly with key representatives from IT&C companies situated in AFI Park during the dedicated panel and to find out more information about the organizations through their demos and Q&A sessions organized after each screening. Also, the participants will benefit from engaging conversations in the networking breaks.

TEDxBucharestSalon on Interconnected Innovation will start on 15 October at 19:30 and will take place in cinema hall # 10 in AFI Cotroceni.

Tenants of AFI Park, leaders in their domains of expertise, will be partners of the TEDxBucharestSalon – Interconnected Innovation event.

Endava Romania is a well-established IT Services company that delivers, builds and runs mission critical IT solutions and platforms for some of the worlds’ leading companies, with innovation at its core and an appetite for venturing in the lands of ideas.

Electronic Arts Romania, as a leading global interactive entertainment software company, contributes to the on-going success of many EA products, including the ever-popular FIFA and Need for Speed franchises. The Quality Assurance Division is dedicated to testing a number of EA’s key franchises on a range of platforms. EA’s passion for learning about out of the box ideas is only matched by that of building them.

Microchip Technology Romania, the leading provider of embedded microcontrollers, offers mixed signal, analogue and Flask IP solutions aimed to be designed to the smallest scale but at the highest performance and intelligence, with the purpose to make our life simpler.

Through this event and others to come, AFI Park is becoming the most active office project in the Central-West area of Bucharest. The project consists of 5 Class A office buildings, with a total gross leasable area of over 70,000 sqm that is currently targeted by IT&C and BPO multinationals.

At the moment, first three office buildings of AFI Park were delivered and are all fully leased. AFI Park 1, with 12,250 sqm of leasable area, is occupied by Microchip, Cameron and Sparkware Technologies, while AFI Park 2 has the entire 12,250 sqm of GLA fully leased to Electronic Arts. AFI Park 3, which was delivered this year, is entirely leased by TELUS International and Endava Romania.

The 4th phase of the office project, AFI Park 4&5, is planned to be delivered at the beginning of 2016, adding a gross leasable area of 32,000 sqm to the business park. Also, the pre-lease rate for AFI Park 4&5 is estimated to reach 50% by yearend.

About AFI Europe Romania:

AFI Europe operates in Romania since 2005. The company has developed and is managing “AFI Cotroceni”, the biggest and most dominant shopping mall in Romania and among the biggest shopping malls in the CEE region. The project spreads over a leasable area of more than 81,000 sqm and offers to its visitors a large entertainment area with multiple leisure options and a variety of over 300 shops of local and international brands, visited by 52,000 customers per day.

In October 2013, AFI Europe inaugurated AFI Ploiesti, the first and only modern shopping mall developed in the city centre of Ploiesti, following an investment of over EUR 50 million. The shopping mall offers a total gross leasable area (GLA) of 33,000 square meters spreading over two retail floors occupied by 100 national and international brands, including more than 7,000 sqm of entertainment.

Adjacent but fully integrated into AFI Cotroceni shopping mall, AFI Europe Romania is currently developing AFI Park, Bucharest’s newest and most advanced Class A business Park, which has achieved 100% occupancy rate of its office spaces. AFI Park offers more than 70,000 of office leasable area, currently targeted by multinational IT&C corporations. The first office building “AFI Park 1“, with 12,250 sqm of leasable area, is 100% leased. In April 2014 AFI Europe inaugurated “AFI Park 2” with 12,200 sqm of GLA and is 100% leased, while “AFI Park 3“, delivered  in December 2014, is leased to Endava Romania and TELUS International Europe. In April 2014 AFI Europe Romania has also commenced construction of AFI Park 4&5 office building that will offer additional 32,000 sqm of gross leasable area to the project and is planned to be delivered in January 2016.

In July 2015 AFI Europe has signed an agreement to purchase a 40,000sqm plot in the City Centre of Brasov for the development of a 45,000 GLA shopping mall and 11,000 GLA office project.

In addition, AFI Europe Romania has two mix use projects to be developed in the near future on the company’s 80,000 sqm land plot in Arad and 148,000 sqm land plot in Bucurestii Noi district 1 of Bucharest.

In the office segment, AFI will develop AFI Business Park Bucharest, a 50,000 sqm of GLA class A business park to be located in close proximity to the J.W. Marriott hotel and the Romanian Parliament in Bucharest’s district 5. The business park will comprise of 2 low rise office buildings and one office tower, with ample green areas, a high tech/campus style environment in an urban complex with a central plaza & gardens.