AFI Brasov obtained the LEED Gold Green Certification

Bucharest, 10th March 2021:

 AFI Brasov, the mixed-use project that brings together a 45,000 sqm GLA shopping center with 25,000 sqm GLA 2 A Class office buildings, has obtained the LEED Gold Green Certification, as a sustainable project for using technics and technologies for construction, design and execution with minimum impact on the environment.

The Green certificate offers AFI Brasov tenants a series of benefits among which: the efficient use of LED lightning solutions in order to increase energy efficiency and minimize the “heat island” effect, the use of materials with recycled content and low emissions and the reuse of up to 75 percent of the construction waste generated on site due to sustainable practices, improved air quality through increased filtering, over 20% reduction in energy costs over a baseline building or 90% of regularly occupied area will have access to unrestricted views.

“Quality and safety have always been core values for us and we reflected them in the projects and services currently provided for our tenants. LEED Gold Certification, the green building certification recognized worldwide, shows our commitmment to respect the highest modern tecnical requirements and to build sustainable projects. We are glad to be able to offer our tenants a truly green working and safe environment” declared Costin Blideanu, General Manager AFI Brasov.

In addition to a modern working environment with natural light and balconies with unique view to the Carpathians Mountains and to the forest, AFI Park Brasov provides

preferred parking places for cars having low-emissions and accommodation for electric cars, bicycle racks, showers, very good access to public transportation in order to reduce pollution by encouraging people to leave their cars at home, the reuse of rainwater for the irrigation of green areas or even the use of native and adaptive plants which require no potable water, efficient water fixtures, which confirms a reduction of at least 40 percent of the indoor water from a calculated baseline, etc.

The office building offers the facility to collect and storage materials for recycling, as part of its Green Certification benefits.

The LEED Gold Green Certification obtained by AFI BRASOV follows the quality and green sustainability trends set by all other AFI project developed that receive such a recognition.