AFI Park 1-5 is a business complex developed to the highest standards, consisting of 5 office buildings linked to AFI Cotroceni shopping center, which were opened in multiple phases during 2012-2016. AFI Park 1-5 project spreads over a total leasable area of 68,550 sqm GLA (107,000 sqm GBA).

The buildings are equipped with modern elevators, an advanced BMS system at high technical standard, modern and cost energy-saving facilities.



AFI Cotroceni has been inaugurated in October 2009 and is the largest and most dominant shopping center in Romania.

The shopping center spreads over a leasable area close to 90,000 sqm GLA (240,000 sqm GBA).

The project offers 2,500 parking places both underground and above ground on 4 parking decks. AFI Cotroceni offers a variety of over 350 shops from the leading local and international brands, including the biggest Peek & Cloppenburg shop in Romania, the biggest Zara in Europe after Spain, H&M, Otter, Camaïeu, Reserved, Orsay etc.. , a modern food court, an indoor ice ring, entertainment & relaxing areas and services.



AFI Ploiesti has been inaugurated in October 2013 and is the first and only modern shopping center developed in the City center of Ploiesti, Romania.

The shopping center spreads over a leasable area of 34,000 sqm GLA (53,000 sqm GBA).

The shopping center is located 850 meters from the City Center, on Gheorghe Doja Street, along the main access road from the North-East. Its position, with excellent transportation links from the City Center, transforms the shopping center into the main commercial destination.

The project offers an entertainment and leisure area of over 7,000 sqm, 1,000 parking places and a variety of over 100 national and international leading fashion brands spread over two floors, including H&M, Lee Cooper, Mohito, Koton, Reserved etc.



AFI BRASOV is the most unique and modern shopping center in Brasov spread over a total leasable area of 45,000 sqm GLA (93,000 sqm GBA).

Total GLA offices: 25,000 sqm spread on 12th floors to be developed in 2 phases of:

Phase I: 15,000 sqm GLA (delivered in October 2020)

Phase II: 10,000 sqm GLA (to be delivered in 2021)

The project was inaugurated in October 2020 and offers over 100 top international fashion brands but also local brands well-known to the people of the city.

The shopping center benefits from a 3,500 sqm green terrace perfectly blended in with nature, facing to the Carpathian Mountains, combined with playgrounds, relaxing zones,  coffee shops and plenty of restaurants.

AFI BRASOV is certified LEED GOLD as “green building”.

Parking Spaces: 1,600


AFI Green City

AFI Green City is a land for future development which could be a residential project, with approximately 3,100 residential units.

The GBA of the project will be 305,000 sqm.

The project is located on the border of Sector 5 of Bucharest and the Town of Magurele.


Afi Gardens – Pipera

AFI Gardens Pipera is a land for future development, located in Pipera area of Bucharest city, with total GBA of 277,340 sqm.



AFI City – Bucurestii Noi


AFI CITY is situated in the North-West part of Bucharest, in District 1, along Bucurestii Noi Avenue. Once finished, this large scale residential project will be one of the largest in Bucharest.

Being in one of the greenest areas of Bucharest, conceived as a “private community”, the project offers its owners the possibility to enjoy a secured and modern lifestyle. Surrounded by spacious gardens and playgrounds where residents can enjoy outdoor family activities. Furthermore, the fresh air and the quiet atmosphere set the grounds for a perfect combination between family, friends and personal lifestyle.

A commercial area of approx. 4,500 sqm GLA which is now under development at AFI City, right in front of the subway station Laminorului, will provide the AFI City community, but not only, access to a supermarket, shops, pharmacy and other services.




AFI Tech Park

AFI Tech Park is a modern business park totaling aprox. 70,000 sqm GLA. The project will comprise of 3 office buildings, surrounded with ample green areas, added to an IT&C campus style environment in an urban complex with a central plaza & gardens.

The project provides the tenants all the high technical specifications they need and expect from all AFI Europe projects.

Phase A was delivered in Q3, 2018, consisting of an office building with 22,000 sqm GLA and 33,000 sqm GBA and 220 underground parking places. AFI Tech Park 1 encloses approx. 2,000 sqm of retail area located at the Ground Floor, hosting World Class gym (1,500 sq m) and Quick Service Restaurant “1 Minute” (110 sq m), Canteen and other facilities.

Phase B is currently under construction and expected to be delivered in 2021, while phase C is planned to be developed afterwards.

The office park will offer a total leasable area of 70,000 sqm GLA (95,000 sqm GBA).

AFI Tech Park will provide 1,000 parking places, 5 000 sqm green areas with water elements perfectly integrated to enhance the identity of the business park.

A shuttle bus is dedicated exclusively to the tenants of the office park, connecting them directly to the metro station Unirii Square.


AFI Arad

AFI ARAD is a land for future development of a possible retail project on a land plot of 80,000 sqm in the city center of Arad. The land can accommodate a hypermarket of approx. 10,000 sqm, a Do-It-Yourself store and additional retail boxes of approx. 1,000 – 2,000 sqm each including fashion, sports and electronics anchors.


AFI Park Brasov

AFI Brasov is  a mixed-use project that brings together the largest shopping center with a total leasable area of 45,000 sqm and, rising above, integrated into the mall, 2 “Class A” office buildings with 25,000 sqm GLA (30,000 sqm GBA). The first office building was delivered in October 2020.